RIMPulse Mobile ECG device

3-5-7-12 leads ECG device that can send all ECG signals to Health Intact cloud server near real time through internal Wi-Fi or send it to mobile phone through Bluetooth and then mobile can send all these data near real time to Health Intact cloud server through 3G or Wi-Fi with smart real-time analysis module on the mobile phone.

It can be used in ambulance, remote clinics, airplans, ships and home care under medical expert's supervision.


  • Number of channels: 7, 12 channels
  • Dimensions : 117 x 25 x 72 mm
  • Weight: 114 grams
  • Power :
    • Internal rechargeable battery
    • USB Power supply
  • Operation time before changing battery
    • 10 hours real-time streaming, (48 hours with adding external battery)
    • 24 hours Holter mode, ( 60 hours with adding external battery)
    • 80 hours standby
  • Storage : 30 days full disclosure
  • Event button : yes
  • Arrhythmia auto detection: tachycardia, bradycardia, pause, leads off, baseline (arrest), dropped beats, low battery and other alarms.
  • Memory : 32 GB embedded micro SD card
  • Controls : integrated buttons
  • Charger : External charger

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