RIMPulse Mobile ECG device

3-5-7-12 leads ECG device that can send all ECG signals to mobile phone through Bluetooth and then mobile can send all these data near real time to Health Intact cloud server through 3G or Wi-Fi with smart real-time analysis module on the mobile phone.

It can be used in ambulance, remote clinics, airplans, ships and home care under medical expert's supervision.


  • Number of channels: 3,5,7,12 channels
  • Dimensions : 117 x 25 x 72 mm
  • Weight: 114 grams
  • Power :
    • AA rechargeable battery. They can be replaced (without interrupting operation)
    • USB Power supply
  • Operation time before changing battery
    • 10 hours real-time streaming, (48 hours with adding external battery)
    • 24 hours Holter mode, ( 60 hours with adding external battery)
    • 80 hours standby
  • Storage : 30 days full disclosure
  • Event button : yes
  • Arrhythmia auto detection: tachycardia, bradycardia, pause, leads off, baseline (arrest), dropped beats, low battery and other alarms.
  • Memory : 32GB embedded micro SD card
  • Controls : integrated buttons
  • Charger : External charger

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